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ReGen (Energy saving control system)
Adopting the high-quality IPM, built-in high speed DSP chip on the main board can regenerate the high-quality of the electric power. Basically it returns regenerated energy from motor into the buildings internal power network for re-use.
Not only realization of the function for energy regeneration but also, improvement of noise, vibration and ride comfort enhancement.

Saving energy, the protection of the environment matching with PMSM and saving 58% energy.
Eco-friendly technology
Suitable for gearless motor that consumes 50% less power
Adopted the newest IPM and main board
100% energy regeneration under motoring condition as well as regeneration condition
Adopted high efficient EMI noise filter, more clean feedback energy
How it works
Uniform energy saving effect
It may differ depending on speed/weight/floor, and max 70 % effective in energy saving compare to Non-ReGen system.
Outstanding energy regenerating quality
Precise controlling and high performance filter make clean regenerating energy to power supply.
Keeping the power factor always to be 1 or -1
The phases of current and voltage waveform are exactly same (Same during motoring, 180 degrees phase difference) whereby the power factor is always kept 1 or -1.
A decrease in harmonic distortion
Current waveform has no distortion and almost sine wave, so harmonic distortion from external device drastically decreases.
Improvement in ride comfort
Maintain constant DC bus voltage during motoring and regenerating for better ride comfort.
Favorable for power voltage fluctuation
Even power supply’s voltage is fluctuated, constant DC bus voltage is kept.
Reducing the size of the elevator controller
In the existing braking resistor method, the more inverter capacity is required, the larger braking resistor room is also required.
Keeping down the machine room temperature
Because machine room temperature is kept down without using braking resistor, cooling facilities diminish and the parts last a long time.
Sustainable technology
Realization of environmentally friendly technology with prevention of global warming and recycling energy.
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