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SICON-4000DZi is a leading-edge elevator control panel with hughly enhanced features by using advanced software programming technology and high speed dual DSP. Controller is comprised of inverter and mainboard as a simple unit.
It doesn't need to adjust manually slowing down length because of built in PPM calibration.It supports special company code for easy maintenance.
It can control up to 64 stops (for high raiser)
It can control up to 240m/mim (for high speed)
(Reference site: Menara ING building in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)
Excellent Energy -Electric Power saving and Harmonic distortion reduction by applying ReGen Drive System.
Built in Parameter for 2 Car parallel operation setting
- User can set by building’s operating conditions
- Improved communication speed and stability by use of CAN communication
It can control “Destination Dispatch Control System”
(A best suitable lift among the lifts in group operation is dispatched when passenger registers the destination floor at the landing floor)
Applied high speed dual DSP 32bit
- Various functions (various monitoring functions, failure detection record functions, etc)
It can operate by A/B encoder’s signal only when using PMS Motor
- Built-in magnetic detection algorithm for PMS Motor by A/B encoder’s signal
- Operating by parameter settings without lock-in procedure
There are two types operator, so user can choose one
- Fixing type by supporter on the Main PCB (LCD + 9 keys)(non-detachable)
- Using OPP-4000 unit (handheld type)
Built in PPM Calibration function for Auto deceleration distance calculation
- It is easy to install at jobsite
- No need to adjust deceleration distance manually after change parameter
Built in Safety line grounding detection function
Applied Sin / Cos encoder as well as UVW encoder
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