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Date 2020 / 9 / 23
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Quantity EA
Classification New Installation Maintenance
Usage Rope MRL Freight(General) Freight(Hydraulic) Car Lift
Main Voltage 220 V 380 V 440 V
Capacity of Motor kW
Rated Current of   Motor A
Voltage of Moter V
Control Type Simplex / Group
Floor Stops Floors
Door Drive Samil(SI-DC200II) Others
T/Cable &   Harness Samil Others
Display Type DOT Matrix Segment LCD(Contact to us)
COP & HIB Samil Others
Other Materials Encoder Inductor Switch Interphone Inductor Plate
Shelter Plate Limit Switch Door Proximity Sensor
Photoelectric Sensor PIT Switch The others
Form QP0301-03 SAMILELTEC Co.,Ltd.
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