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제목 2013 News Letter 2Quarter
No. 201304 No.017


1. KDS motor inspection for promoting new model

Samil-Eltec introduces new motor, which we have imported from KDS. For adopting new model, Brake inspection test has been progressed by KTL. The WJ model is MRL 2:1 roping type, from 9person speed 60m/m ~ 150m/m to 15person 60m/m ~ 150m/m total 8 models which is under certifying, we plan to sell at second half year. The WJ model is compact than existing WTY1 model. it seems to be easy work and maintenance.


WTY1 Series [New MODEL] WJ Series


2. Development of Touch Screen Board, InLCD-102

Samil-Eltec has finished to develop 10.2″ touch screen board, which is wide LED touch screen. InLCD-102 can select the angle as horizontal layout and vertical layout for COP panel. The board has been verified diverse failures or accident, which will be occurred in car cabin. This board could be adjusted based on specification as touch operation or SDS-4000 (Samil dispatch system), the touch screen could show various display by the request of client.




3. Russia Lift Expo, 2013

Russia Lift Expo, which was held in Moscow, 6th ? 8th June, 2013. This expo had been taken part in diverse buyers, who came from 28 countries and 166 companies. Samil-Eltec had shown our controller and up-to-date products in ‘Korea Exhibition’ with other Korea companies. Buyers were satisfied with Samil’s products. We did export consultation to incoming buyers. Moscow local buyers had been contented Samil’s controllers.


4. Supply elevator educational training aids

Korea Elevator Safety Institute (KESI) has been run ‘Elevator Professional Manpower Education’ in Seoul, Korea. KESI chose Samil-Eltec’s controllers and Eleview system (Samil’s Remote Monitoring System) for training. Many government offices and companies have been requested to apply this education program. It will be a good chance to let them know Samil-Eltec products’ superiorities.


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